The Self Defense Training Center is a great place to teach your children discipline and how to defend themselves - and they have a great time doing it.  Dan and the staff are great with kids and they know how to make learning fun.  These guys truly know their stuff and it shows.  When your children leave they will be able to defend themselves and what is more, they will have the confidence to NOT fight.  Dan and the staff teach the children to stand up to bullies but also to avoid confrontations - and that is exactly what I want from my self defense class!

     - Brian A. (Parent)

Jim & I are so happy with the progress Kyle has made since he first joined your class. It’s awesome to see him really concentrating on his focus, form, and balance. He practices a lot of his moves at home and has clearly taken a huge interest in martial arts. He looks forward to attending class and gets SUPER excited whenever it’s time to ‘belt-up’ as he calls it! We truly can’t say enough good things about you, your staff, and your program.

     - Paula V. (Parent)

I would recommend Dan and his staff to any parent interested in having their child take self defense classes. From the minute we entered the facility Dan and his staff greeted us as if we had been there forever. My son (8) joined the group and loved it! The classes are geared for each individual cild and their ability level. I also like how they are taught with patience, encouragement, and respect. I am impressed with the fact that they are very understanding about making up classes. When the students are with the staff I also noticed they discuss school and how the kids are doing and what they are learning. Again, I am happy to say we have found a perfect fit for our son and in his words “I love it and am going to go even after I get my black belt someday!”

     - Ed (via Yahoo! Local)

This is an outstanding martial arts school for those of all ages who would to better themselves and their children. The lead instructor, Dan, teaches a well rounded style that focuses on strength, flexibility, stamina, and most importantly discipline - that inherently leads to increased self-confidence, higher energy levels, and an overall improvement in holistic health. Dan definitely has a knack for teaching children; kids absolutely love him. Dan is also an exceptional teacher for adults, whether group classes or private lessons. I would recommend this school to ANYONE!

     - Gerald M. (Former Student)